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OK Golf

Not a very good golf game. Wish I could get my money back

Time waster extraordinaire

Positively addicting. Even without new courses you can continue to challenge yourself with hidden holes, adding stars and timed games. At first I really didn’t like it but now I am hooked.

One of my favorite IOS games

I've been playing IOS games for the better part of 8 years. This is one of my favorites. I would give it 5 stars but some of the more "difficult" aspects of the game physics is, in reality, waaaaaay to difficult. I don't mind a challenge, I welcome it, but not at the expense of the games' playability.


Awesome game, I have 3 stars on all the holes and only need a couple more secret holes to unlock. The game is perfect so please don’t change a thing because of the cry babies who want everything handed to them, boohoo I can’t make a shot, boohoo I can’t find the secret holes, boohoo the wind is blowing, boohoo boohoo, boohoo, losers go find a different game to play. Developers keep up the good work and don’t listen to the cry babies, they’ll move on. 5 star game all day long, well worth the money.

ATV version is buggy

I play this game exclusively on the Apple TV (4th gen). It can be a challenging game, sometimes too challenging (I'm on Buchanan Bay and spending way too much time trying to get three stars on some holes). The controls add to the challenge and I much prefer using a MFI Controller over the Siri remote for this game. I like the game, but I've had to deduct two stars because of how buggy it is on the ATV. It freezes a fair amount of times during gameplay, forcing you to go back to the home screen to quit the app and then re-open it. It also crashes every single time you click on the achievements/Game Center/trophy icon. I do hope these issues get fixed soon as I do enjoy playing the game.

Great - except for one course...

The Buchan Bay course is a joke... a really bad one, with the physics characteristics (hurricane winds, rock-hard greens, hyper-backspin, endless rolls with a 'dead' ball, etc.) so badly skewed that it almost makes the whole game (which is otherwise REALLY good) not fun...

Pretty Good!

This game is pretty cool and has great graphics. But the zen of the game is non existent. It is actually very stressful. In the future MAKE COURSES EASIER. THANK YOU!!!

Favorite game right now

So much fun to play. Beautiful courses, simple yet challenging game play. A few frustrations I have are somewhat minor despite the fantastic game. 1) the online competition interface is horrible. Almost an afterthought for the developer, it seems. 2) Many of secret holes are ridiculously hard to find. Usually I have to resort to YouTube cheats to find them. 3) The achievement of obtaining all the stars for a course is quite anticlimactic considering the time and effort required. How about a congratulatory graphic? Something. Anything! Only other thing I can think of is that the game might benefit from the introducing the ability fade/draw your shot. I think that would add a whole new facet of angles and shot possibilities. 9/18/17 update: Thanks to the developer for updating Paris #9- although might be a little too easy now.

Star System

I like the graphics and physics of this game, however the difficulty is set way to high, if I want to get 3 stars on a par 4 I need to finish with a Birdie instead of a par, and the way the coarse is setup is that there is no room for error, miss one shot you might as well restart. It almost feels as if it's a free to play game and the developer deliberately made it difficult for people to buy gems or something.

Bet game ever

Black is my fav song from me too many people I will send it it but it it will not show me that it it will send it it just finished it is not even free and it is really good for the flash back to my game.


I love playing this when I'm bored

Super boring!

I got this game because every one said it was ok but it's not! It was a total waste of money and glitches all the time!

Best Radiohead Album


Good game

This is a good game love the graphics and the play mechanics.downloaded it two days ago and already beat all the courses.ready for the new course..

An Essential Addition To The Genre

The overall simplicity of OK Golf is its true charm. From gameplay to graphics, OK Golf allows the gamer to jump in and relax with a control scheme that a toddler could understand and dioramas that look so clean and vibrant. Hats off to Okidokico for creating the golf game that should have set the standards years ago. Although fairly new, these developers seem to understand their audience. I look forward to seeing what these guys have to offer in the future. P.S. They're previous game, Super Boost Monkey, is also a high quality game in its own genre. Check it out!

Not worth money

This game was not worth my money I spent $3:00 and I regret it


Read the title

Dear OK Golf Staff

The one player version of this game is good (I wouldn't say amazing, but what can you truly expect from an iPhone game). In regard to the multiplayer function of the game (which I think would be really cool) is not currently functioning as far as I can tell. That is the reason for my 1 star review as otherwise I would probably rate the game of 4 out of 5.

Don't Believe Everything You Read

Somehow my copy of the game is missing the "Zen and relaxing" part as described in the app details. This game is actually very frustrating because there's no clear way that I can tell to discern the wind direction easily and the ball rolls in very unpredictable ways. I honestly bought this game on the premise that it would be a very casual, relaxing golf game. If I had known it wasn't then I definitely wouldn't have spent money on it. This is why the app store needs to have demos. Buyer's remorse.

First looks good. but play is boring.

That's all.

Really Cool!!

I love this game. I've spent a lot of time playing it. It kills time and is one of my favorite games.

Great Game!

Definitely worth the price, one of the best golf games on the App Store!

My Favorite Mobile Game

OkGolf has become my stand by phone game. The developers are constantly putting in new content and the different game modes keep bringing me back.


I enjoy this game very much. Up unto the point where THE WIND WILL THROW THE BALL EVERYWHERE. But they still get my good rating

Love it!

Clean & simple... reminds me of the fun arcade golf games in the 90's. >> Developers: Please add more levels. Will gladly pay for them. Great job


First game I have purchased in a while. Excellent gameplay and beautiful renderings.

Excellent game

They add new courses regularly.

Good game

They should add more courses.

Top Notch Quality

Best golf game out there and it has continued to have courses added. Very interested to see what gets added in the future and for how long. It could use a stand alone AI to play against since the human players do keep quitting in matches. Stats would help stop this for sure. Another question is this...there are eleven holes per course, will updates also carry additional holes for existing courses until they hit 18? Solid game though and fun to play.

Fun but nothing to do

Once you complete the levels there isn't anything todo $3 for a game that eventually has nothing to do but the game is fun just gets boring

Aptly titled game

$3 is a bit much for a game, whose title completely describes the game. It's okay golf. It's not horrible. It's not great. It's okay.


This game would be better if it had a multiplayer ratings. I have attempted multiplayer many times but people just quit. There should be stats to help curb this. Also some sort of chat with the other player. It's just disappointing to play a multiplayer game where people quit every single time it doesn't go their way.


This game is so fun! When you get to the Scotland course and Miami course, the wind kicks up SO HARD! It gets annoying but is so fun!!!

Multiplayer NOT cross platform

I really wish this developer would have fully disclosed that this game's multiplayer does not work cross platform (between iPhone and Android) - I would never have bought it. That's pretty weak, seeing as how many games do work cross platform. The game play is not bad.

Online multiplayer makes you play the same hole three times!

Online not working and making you continue to play your holes over and over


I wish this game lives up to its name, and was actually just OK Golf, but instead it has become Worthless Golf. This was a cute but simplistic game, until it was "updated" to add hurricane-force winds. Now it's just stupid. Why do game designers, when they run out of fresh ideas, just make the game impossible and frustrating? That's what's been done here. The newest Miami course, like the Scottish one before it, has hurricane force winds that do more than steer the ball. They alternately blow on the ball so hard that it moves backward, or push the ball so far, it won't stay inbounds. I like a challenge. This isn't challenging. It's just ridiculously difficult for the sake of being hard. After the second impossible level course has been released, I've deleted this game from my device. It's just not worth the effort.

Online multiplayer not working

:( Says - Try again Later

Just like the other golf games

Just like all the other games golf games. They turn into complete acts of frustration.

Very good could add more

I love it and it is SUPER fun but there is one thing I think they should add.I think you should be able to make your own course.If you added that I would have defiantly given this game 5 stars.Thanks

Fun and relaxing

This game is really well done! It is simple to play but still presents a challenge.

Can be frustrating

Not a lot of shot variation or control. The only way to make a long shot is to hold back on the ball until it extends the trajectory and wait till it zeros in. There is no depth adjustment at that point, only direction. If the shorter shot is too short and the longer shot is too long, you have no options to get a good score even though you have played a good hole. You are forced then to go back and try to find a secret way to get to the green by shooting through a slot in the trees somewhere but even that is frustrating because many times even though the yellow trajectory doesn't show the ball hitting the trees, it seems to hit them anyway on most of shots.


When I get a star it does count as a point

Ok golf

Don't buy the game. Don't let the video no cover make you buy the game. This game is the pest gem I've ever played Don't spend your 2 dollars

Unique And Challenging

I can understand the initial reaction to the latest course (Buchan Bay) as being ridiculous due to the "wind" effect. But after playing the course a couple dozen times I started to understand it's charm and now actually find it incredibly fun and challenging. So far my best score on Buchan is 5 under, but I think I can possibly squeeze 1 or 2 more strokes out of the round on a perfect day. Over-all, I really like this app and have enjoyed all of the courses. My only complaint is the game's powershot threshold being so close to the bottom of my iPhone's screen that sometimes it reverts back to a standard shot just as I release the swing and the ball plops in the water or a bunker.

Uh-uh, Not even close to "ok".

They just shuttle the billions of 1-star reviews to the back so you won't know everyone thinks this stinks.


Love the game, love the secret holes. The only problem I have with the game it is that they don't ever come out with new courses. If you purchase the game you should expect to beat it and be done with the app basically

Frustrating Controls

Pretty graphics, but hard to control and aim your shot. And the latest course is ridiculous. The wind makes it almost unplayable. How is this fun?


Don't waste your money. Maybe if it was a buck. And still. Better free golf apps imo.


Fun game. I'm always trying to beat my best scores & times. I wish the spoofer scores & times would be removed from the leaderboards.


Too simple. Makes you par every hole. No way to play aggressive. Lame game. Waste of money.

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